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Shereen Mohammad


G: Your name, where does it come from, how have you related with your name's experience.

The meaning of my name is held so dearly to me while connecting me to my cultural heritage. My father always wanted to name his first daughter Shereen. Shereen means sweet, kind-hearted, and beautiful in Arabic. It's also a very popular Egyptian Persian name. There's There are many romantic Arabic/Pashto songs that mention my name and I believe the Farsi version of Romeo and Juliet is Farhad and Shereen.

G: Where are you from and where are you currently living?

I am from New York City, and currently living in Manhattan

G: What was your upbringing like?

The values and experiences that my parents helped shape the person I am today. I am Black and Pakistani and as a child I found myself searching for my voice and stance between two vastly different cultures. I was given space to embrace each community, from living in New York City and yearly summer trips to Pakistan. I learned how to navigate and discover my own identity after feeling misfitted for so long and it allowed me to create a narrative that is charming and personal. 

G: How does your upbringing influence the way you dress?

My parents have always allowed me to express myself freely. I grew up in NYC with an influence of my father's Pakistani heritage. Through time I sought to create a balance between my south Asian heritage and the contemporary style in which I've been raised. I explore feelings of being connected to my Pakistani heritage and American culture, blending both perspectives that is honest to my authentic self.


G: How did you get involved in knitwear, where does the inspiration come from?

Honestly, it happened organically - I was really into crocheting last summer, so I looked up vintage 1920s crochet designs, which led to my interest in knit stitch designs. I attended a few knit workshops fall/winter to learn how to knit and now I'm learning how to use the knit machine. :) I love crafts so much!

G: What are you currently working on?
Fortunately, many things! I'm working on a couple of handmade garments for spring, learning how to create a garment using a knit machine, and sourcing cute vintage furniture for my new home in Bedstuy 


G: What inspired you to dedicate most of your platform to share your style and brands/designers you like? 

I'm really into slow fashion and designing garments with a purpose. Lately I've been feeling anxious about my role on Instagram and the impact I created (with and without intention), but I am learning to be true to who I am by sharing contents of the best ways to support brands/designers whose values align with mine. 

G: What are you looking for when putting an outfit together?

I want to look and feel comfortable, effortless, feminine and delicate. I picture myself pulled from a 90s film everytime I choose an outfit for the day.


G: How do you merge clothes and wellness?

Throughout this past year, I put thought and intentions into reclaiming the control I have with my clothes that's been weighing my body down. I resisted the urge to buy new things and I am learning to make the most of the limited pieces I already own. I hone into my favorite hobby and create handmade garments that I desire. My body releases an exhale/ whenever I purge/donate clothes that no longer serve me. 

People you admire?

I admire women who live simply with honestly and integrity .

Future visions?

Create lots of knits!

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Muse: Shereen Mohammad

Photography: Ryan Lopes

Clothes: Golondrina Sirens Top, Golondrina Orchid skirt, Golondrina Aureole Dress

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