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Charlie Max  

A freelance all around creative womxn. Her work includes styling, modeling, creative director and casting for different brands. Activist for diversity, body positive and empowerment of womxn. We had the honor to ask her some questions. 

What is your star sign?

Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer Rising 


Where is home?

I recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA from New York City. 



What does a typical day at work / leisure consist of? 

There are no typical work days for me. I occupy several different roles professionally for many brands. I am often producing content, casting, managing social, creative directing and modeling. I love that I can move freely while I work and my favorite element of freelance work is the travel. I’m inspired by changes of pace and surrounding. 



What is self  love to you and how do you practice it on a daily basis?

Personally, self love is about balance and fluidity. Sometimes, loving myself requires alone time, a steam at the spa, and cooking a beautiful vegan meal. Other times I find surrounding myself with loved ones and social energy to be quite therapeutic and rewarding. 




How do you choose the people you collaborate with?

I tend to collaborate with my friends, and people I find or find me through social media. Using that space as a source of collaboration is a natural vehicle to find artists who have similar values about their work as I do - diversity, body positivity, and most importantly the empowerment of women. 



Favorite place in the world and why?

I spent a week in Morocco last summer and it changed my life. I was exposed to an entirely different cultural experience in every aspect of living - the natural sense of community, local food, the craftsmanship present in the Medina, the care for architecture and decorative  details, and the common practice of going to the Hammam. I left with a new understanding of humanity and my own spirituality. 





What is happiness to you?

I am my most happiest when I’m exchanging ideas and learning from the ones I love, usually over a meal I prepared. Cooking and conversation are so vital to my happiness. Some of my best memories were shared at the dining table. 



Currently listening to?

SAÂDA BONAIRE’s self titled album from the 80s. My favorite track in particular is entitled “More Women.”



Favorite book/books?

I’ve recently read Rebecca Solnit’s book of essays Men Explain Things to Me. I think it is an important book for anyone on the gender spectrum to read and consider. 


People who have inspired you to be the woman you are today and why?

My mother is an extremely consistent and strong force in my life. She has always reminded that I can do whatever I want as long as I project positive energy towards my goals. Combining hard work and positivity are both strong pillars in my life that I credit her with inspiring within me. 


That being said, all the women in my life have informed me to be the woman I am today. I value every woman’s unique experience in their womanhood. Women sharing their journey unapologetically and proud in any capacity (personally, on social media, through their work, etc.) has shaped my outlook and my growth as a person and my drive to push boundaries. 



Thoughts on Nudity…

I think nudity is the purest form of self. It is important for me to remain true and honest with my body at any stage of life. The more we bare our bodies in meaningful, desexualized imagery, the closer we as a society can get to eliminating our personal, sexual, and violent hang ups with naked bodies.


Photography Niko Jane

Muse Charlie Max 

Kaftan Golondrina

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