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Is a Barcelona photographer based in Berlin. People and atmosphere play an important role in her work. Focusing in documentary, journalistic and artistic photography. Milenas work is one of extream sensitivity and poetic approche.



Milena Villalón

Where are you from?

I am from l'Ametlla del Vallès, a small town close to Barcelona. 


Where do you currently reside?

I live in Berlin, it's been almost 6 years.



What was your up bringing like?

I grow up in a small and very calm town. Streets used to be grounded. I lived in a huge old house with my grandparents, full of cats and animals. I was a bad student, so my parents changed me at high school and put me in a boarding school, which changed my life in a lot of senses.  





How did you get involved in photography?

I saw once a picture that my exboyfriend did with a camera obscura. I can not explain what I felt when I saw it, but I knew I wanted to capture the beauty like this, put all the magic in an image like that. Then, after years and photographing on my own, I applied to the photo school I wanted and I got accepted. 





Who are some of your muses and why?

Marie, a friend and a classmate of my photo school. She is intelligent, loyal and authentic. Also my friends Ly and Sarita, they have different qualities that I admire in people and are so rare nowadays. And my mother. She is the muse of the muses. 

When are you most inspired?

When I am alone.  


What would your perfect day look and feel like?

A day in which I can photograph, read or work on my pictures with no rush. 


Do you have a style of photography you feel mostly drawn to and why?

I love to see documentary photography and specially photo reportages where people are involved. Normally they touch me more than conceptual photography.

What istar sign are you?


Favorite place on earth?

Berlin. Well, and Mallorca. 

Can you tell us a few of your favorite things to do in Berlin?

Have a walk around Kreuzberg or Neukölln, go to the lake or Flöhmarkts, observe all the bizarre people living in this city. 



Who are some of your favorite artist ?

Some of my favourite artists: Viviane Sassen y Laia Abril

(who I just discovered)




All Images by Milena Villalón

Wardrobe by Golondrina 

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